Our Story

AmChar Georgia Gun Range & Store opened in December 2018 with a Grand Opening in April 2019. The business model has changed since then. Our mission was to service law, military, and first responders. We opened as a Law Enforcement, first responder store also servicing all military active and retired only. In July 2020 we changed our business model to also serve the general public, keeping in mind our commitment and mission to serve all first responders. We have done so, and it has been a huge success.

AmChar is no stranger to the Firearms Industry. In 1967 AmChar started as a retail store in Rochester NY. In 1980 AmChar Wholesale was launched. During the last 41 years, we have become one of the top distributors in the industry for law enforcement entities and independent dealers in the United States. AmChar is backed by industry professionals who have been in the firearms business for over a half-century.

We have since opened four more stores with our first business model of only servicing all first responders and military only. AmChar NC LE Firearms and Accessories Store, AmChar NY, AmChar SC and AmChar Caribe in Puerto Rico.

We’re proud to be

One of the largest law enforcement distributors in the United States.

Our Philiosophy

is to provide the products that our customers need at a competitive price. While achieving this, we will never lose sight of the people who made us who we are today.